Monday, May 30, 2005

Neuro Marketing

I am right there with the alarmists over neuromarketing

Seeing the transformation of India post television has been an experience unique to my generation. The variegated indigenous cultures were first homogenized by the government controlled networks and then fully supplanted by a foreign one when the skies were thrown opened. In degrees the people lost their local cultural identities and ached instead to be clones of shiny happy images that were constantly projected at them.

The assault to individual sensibilities that neuro marketing will enable would be like guerilla warfare. We would likely not be aware of what hit us until after the effect. The customized broadcast (or should that be narrowcast) of the future could make us act in ways that are profitable to purveyors of goods and services. to the exclusion of other considerations. Does that not fully de-humanize us ?


bharath said...

bad write up (in the link u provided) ... it essentials says these n these can be the problems ... like a conspiracy theorist ... but not quite ... it suggests no reasons for the belief.

I can say neuromarketing ... leads to social choices than individual choices .. thus killing the role of individual reason ... but is this line of reasoning complete? No.

sumon221 said...

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