Monday, May 02, 2005

Psycho-geographer Buddha Walking

Instead of down-town streets of the modern world, where it originated, I imagine walking down the streets of an ancient city in India ( Varanasi comes to mind immediately) like a psycho-geographer would.

My meme is a simple "First right and Second Left". I see myself wandering unawares into temples, shops, ghats of the Ganges, court-yards and lives of unknown people. Mind mapping Vishwanath Gali could be a psycho-geographer's dream
come true.

Let's say I take a photograph at each stop borrowing from the beautiful idea of degree confluence. I repeat my tour at various times of the day, over days months and years. Other walkers like me do the same. We have no stated objective besides repeating our patterned walk over and over again.

At the end of ten years should we consolidate all our data would order emerge from apparent chaos ? Perhaps it would turn out that on every third Tuesday, at ten past one in the afternoon there is a always a woman in purple at a singular coordinate.

What is a woman in purple on every third Tuesday afternoon ? could well be a Koan ( A question in Zen Buddhism that cannot be answered logically; a technique used to test consciousness and bring awakening
) even if not profound as "What is the sound of one hand clapping"

Maybe the answer to that would need a heightened awareness of the walk itself. Psycho-geographer would need to turn Buddha walker

Something about this train of thought leads me to correlate Yoga turning hip-hop though the situation I describe is more about returning to roots than departing.


buckwaasur said...

lol...looks like u r mindfully walking around various websites...and it is fascinating to see the way u connect the dots and bring some coherence to ur narration from all the chaos...:-))

Heartcrossings said...

Thanks, Buck. The direct consequence of having a short attention span, too many interests and no time to dwell too deep on anything :-)

SeaSwallowMe said...

nice one, crossings. yeah, the degree-confluence-project is very very cool !

buckwaasur said...

lol...more power to ur attention deficit disorder then...:-))