Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Financial Smarts

My friend B was telling me a story about a man who always stashed money in his backyard. Turns out that it was enough to buy a new house when he was ready to do that. Now that's what I call a smart move.

What could possibly be better than a fully paid off home and attendant peace of mind. He did not have to deal with the nerve racking vagaries of investing or worry about identity theft, phising, pharming and the like. His money remained safe under the earth and none the wiser about it. A secret that size has got to be thrilling by its own right - specially when data about us is valuable enough to fuel a whole underground black market economy

I ran into this article on CNN about the fifty smartest things you can do with your money. I gave it only a cursory glance. With my financial smarts I knew reading about all that I should have but have not done with my money would not be very edifying.

Out of perverse curiosity, I read instead the 15 dumb moves. Looks like they had me in mind when they wrote that up or I must be the gold standard in fiscal dumbness by which the rest of the world gets calibrated.

I did not see anything about using Ziploc bags and a shovel to make room for money underground. I figure that must be considered out of range for even dumbness.

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