Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Finishing First

For the last few weeks J has been insisting that I pick her early from daycare. When she says that, I tell her that Mommy comes just as soon as she can and really can't come any sooner. With the inscrutable logic that children have she insists "But come early today. Three o'clock early. Not five o'clock early".

Yesterday her request changed considerably "Come to pick me up before nap-time" which is about noon. Apparently her best friend's mother picks Jamie up before nap time. I was in a contest with her and was loosing by a wide margin. J goes on to add "Jamie's Mommy is the best Mommy. She comes there first every single day" Now "every single day" is J's preferred way of emphasizing consistent and repeatable behavior. My timings are not exactly consistent and she has noticed. I'm not doing the mothering job quite right as elucidated by an example.

I try to see if J can find another best friend - her loyalty has been very fickle traditionally. "Can you be best friends with Bryce maybe ?" I ask knowing that his parents always arrive last. "Bryce called me a gorilla. He's not my friend" she replies. "I don't want to be a gorilla. I could be a duck" she adds. We try some other names making sure to check that the incumbent best friend does not call J a gorilla knowing of her preference to be a duck, but dislodging Jamie is quite impossible.

She is star-material just for having a hero Mom who always finishes first and strong. I resign myself to being the also-ran and having to endure the hurt and reproachful look in J's eyes "every single evening". I am destined to remain the unsung hero until J is old enough to know I do my best at being her Mommy.

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FunnyCide said...

HC, Missed you!! nice J story!! lol @ "also ran" vs. "winner mom"!! I am glad you came back.. :)