Friday, June 24, 2005

Macro-economics For Dummies

How does the American economy work is a question that is beyond my abilities to comprehend. Trillions of dollar in debt and yet the most powerful country in the world is not a contradiction for those who have figured things out. To me, it seems one of those far out of reach esoteric things only a privileged few can claim to understand.

Someone has taken a stab at dumbing it down to the level of the common person who does not have the requisite education or awareness. I liked the farm and farmer analogy to explain a far bigger and complex picture. It sounds like a lot of trouble and an almost inextricable mess.

I also realize that pundit-speak rife with jargon and statistics on economics will continue to confound me as always. I will still not understand how a multi-trillion dollar debt is all about a nation's health and vitality, under-employment and job-lessness is not as bad it seems and finally the housing boom is the real McCoy and not a mega-bubble of the dot com scale.

Some forms of dumbness are patently incurable perhaps. A glimmer of realization comes through an over-simplified theory which fades as soon as a strongly argued counterpoint is presented.

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