Saturday, June 11, 2005

My Best Friend

Every girl should have a best friend like A. Among the blessings in my life I never fail to count he features prominently. Lately, his attitude towards me has turned rather avuncular and protective.

Maybe age is creeping up on him faster than it is on me. Then A is the kind of man who will tell a girl she does not look a day older than sixteen and make her believe in that fiction. He is economical with his compliments but his timing is perfect.

Last time he called I told him about the current person of interest in my life and my sense of confusion about him. A asked to see pictures so he could provide opinion and commentary. I was only happy to oblige knowing his acuity.

Even so, as a test, I sent him pictures of two other men who were previously significant but not any more . No names were mentioned. He was supposed to figure out independently. His response left me astounded and impressed.

The Gentleman X - I somehow don't hold a generous view of people who want to consciously stand out by means of cosmetic oddities (in this case long hair and pierced ear lobes). They seem to me too self absorbed and vain. Certainly not the type who would make good husbands. Honestly you surprise me.

The Gentleman Y - This guy seems to be decent and exudes confidence. I guess he knows what he wants. Not the frivolous type and certainly a good man to know.

The Gentleman Z - I think this is the guy we discussed at length the other day. He stands out as a careerist. He would be the type that have potential to make good husbands if handled properly. Meaning you have to assume charge of the relationship and steer it in the desired direction. Certainly worth considering. But you need to make sure what he is after in this particular relationship. You have to make him talk on this subject so you can hold him accountable.

I wrote back to him saying he had scored a perfect ten on his analysis and that when it was time for J to meet men, I would expect him to help her along the way. His thoughts on Z exactly echo my sentiments.

I am glad A thinks he is worthy of consideration because my judgement of character is non-existent. I rely completely on gut feeling and find it hard to remain objective once my emotions come into play. Whether I have the capacity to act on A's sage advice is quite a different matter though.


FunnyCide said...

hmm I dont know if pierced ear lobes is a sign of vanity.. but I sure think that it portrays insecurity and lack of self esteem.. it shows a craving of attention and approval from others.. but again. that is my humble opinion!

Dillon Wimberly said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.