Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Numbed By News

It's not often that I read a news story and come away not knowing how I feel or react to what I read - assuming the story is of human interest and calls for reaction.

That death row inmates should raise a scholarship for a boy who wants to be a police officer is highly unusual any way you look at it. Specially in this case since the boy's sister was raped and murdered at age four and the perpetrator is on death row.

I tried to react to this from different perspectives and find it impossible. Is there something uplifting or redeeming about this incident or do I find it rather macabre ? I am not sure if I see this as a tale of atonement as it probably is.

In not being able to come out with a clear and articulated reaction there is a sense of disquiet. I realize how complex and incomprehensible human nature is. The language of thought and action is not quite universal.

I feel curiously compelled to know if everyone who read this story felt the same inner conflict as I did even if for a myriad of reasons. As my limited lexicon of emotions fails me, I wonder if there is somewhere I could borrow from to compensate for my inadequate humanity.


bleu said...

I try not to take note of such things. I know there is a bad bad world out there. I don't need a newspaper to help my imagination flourish on bad stuff. :(

mariasaus said...


I have no conflicts about this particular news story.

And think- even the 'worst criminals' have redemptive value..if they can contribute in some way..why not?

No baby is a born criminal (imo) Somewhere along the way..everything changes..so while they have been given the death/life sentence..why not leave behind something which can benefit someone else?