Sunday, June 12, 2005

One Man Versus The Corporation

Many of us coming of voting age in India firmly believed that our vote did not count and election day was just another holiday. Even without trying we had decided that we would not be able to make a difference. Political apathy used to be symptomatic of educated, informed urban youth. I think it still is.

The story of a grassroots level organization comprising of one man that is shaking up Coca Cola's business in India seems affirming at first glance. When I think more about it I wonder if this fledgling non-government entity is successful only because it is playing into the hands of powerful vested interests inside the political and judicial system. A similar approach to unseat a corrupt regime would not yield similar results.

I am big fan of Good News India a site that shares positive, uplifting stories about India. In a token way, it serves as a factual counterpoint to all the one dimensional tear-jerkers that the Western media feeds the uninformed masses - relentlessly. Even so it is hard to shake off inertia - this rather David and Goliath-esque Cola war story notwithdstanding.

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