Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Proximity Challenge

B and I met online a few days ago. His handle was almost as interesting as mine and the profile succinct. Suffice to say that I wrote back to him knowing he was three years younger than me with obviously no end in view. We chat some and it turns out that he has worked around the world and is now finishing up his MBA program from an A list B-school in the US.

He is intelligent and possessed of acerbic wit. After a grueling day at work just what I need to unwind. An hour later we figure there is enough reason to consider exchanging pictures and following up with a coffee shop meeting. The picture part goes very well. He is refined and intellectual looking not dashingly handsome but positively attractive. He for his part has no complaints about what he sees either. We seem to have made excellent progress in less than an hour.

The question of meeting in person follows shortly after. He lives an hour and half away from me so I figure distance is a non-issue. He asks me how he can make to where I live and I tell him what the drive time will be. I am not even sure I have understood his question.

He tells me "I don't drive because I am too lazy" I go into a state of shock. A man his age living in this country for as long as he has and planning on sticking around for the foreseeable future without a driver's license ? I am rendered speechless at this piece of information. In recognition of my feelings he says "It was nice talking to you" and I return "Likewise" and we sign-off posthaste. I have to wonder at the lessons learnt ( if any) from this strange encounter.


Priyamvada_K said...

The lesson learnt is that seemingly normal people can turn out weird at times.



bleu said...

is this not stereotypism? that you expect someone living in US to be such n such. O well, I guess all most people want a normal regular person who is no different from any other.

life is little bit more than prefering to drive a car or not. just my opinion.