Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Small Rite Of Passage

The first time your little girl tells you about her boyfriend is a significant rite of passage in parenthood. Mine occurred about a few minutes ago when J told me that Byrce hit her "boyfriend".

Now, I hear about the ex-officio bully of the "Threes Room" every day but this is the first that J has been outraged on behalf of an assaulted boyfriend. When I seek to learn the identity of this person, she names a pint sized brat named Ryan I am very familiar with. Ms K and Ms W joke regularly that they (J and Ryan ) are in love with each other and will be married when they turn twenty one.

I asked J who had told her that Ryan was her boyfriend. "Jamie said so" was her answer. Jamie has just turned three and looks a lot younger - she is an utterly adorable baby. Not someone you would associate with astutely matching people with their significant others. I ask J whose Jamie's boyfriend is "Ryan. Ryan is everyone's boyfriend"

Looks like Casanova junior is on the roll with half a dozen girlfriends of diverse ethnicities. I ask her if Bryce is anyone's boyfriend. J curls up her nose in distaste and declares "No" How could I ask ? He is not quite the renaissance man like our friend Ryan and naturally not a hit with the ladies.

I try to find a little bit more about the pairings around the class to see if "boyfriendship" is lately in the air. J declares in all seriousness that Nicky is Hogan's boyfriend and Trace is Ryan's boyfriend and so forth. J is no one's boyfriend because she is a girl. I am amused at her complete cluelessness and relieved that she has accepted her girlhood comfortably. Maybe I have Ryan to thank for that and Jamie as well.

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Reshmi said...

that is sooo totally cute!! :-)