Sunday, June 26, 2005

Two Movies And Wasted Hours

I watched the last good movie many moons ago. The opportunity to watch a couple presented itself quite by chance a few weeks ago. J had enough company to occupy, distract and finally tire her to sleep.

We were too lazy to drive up to a movie rental place and instead looked at what was lying around my friend's house - mainly stuff that others had left behind. There was not an awful lot to choose from. But we were determined to catch a couple of flicks that evening to make up for my loss.

First on was Sideways. I kept thinking there would be a point to it - that if I watched it long enough and hard enough, I would get it too. Wine tasting, pointless liaisons and an unsuccessful divorced writer - does that make up a wholesome story ? Being no oneophile the lush commentary on wines did not add to my repertoire of anything. I was exhausted by the verborrhea instead.

But the next choice was the real mistake. The Guru. For being billed as a romantic comedy it sure was hard to laugh. Bollywood spiked with Karma Cola meeting Grease to disastrous consequences is how I felt by when we were done.

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Patry Francis said...

with more filmmakers than ever and unprecedented access to international films, why are there so many wasted hours? So little choice?

Just asking. Not really expecting an answer.