Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Cultured Meat

This article on cultured meat makes the product sound like a silver bullet. We know from experience that touted silver-bullets come with a list of unpublished disclaimers - sometimes a caveat emptor.

While I love the idea as much as I do the Boca burger, the facts seem starkly one-dimensional. For one the thought of food being created artificially in a lab leaves a very unwholesome taste in the mouth. It is one thing to texturize vegetable protein to make it took like meat and quite another to start at cellular level on a petri-dish and transform that chemically into "food"

Maybe the next thing would be to grow faux chicken nuggets on a tree and blur the distinction between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and its sources completely.

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Steve said...

I agree with you. Sometimes they can push "processed" food to far.