Sunday, July 10, 2005

Gym Zeal

My friend H claims that he suffers withdrawal symptoms if he does not do his six miles on the tread-mill every evening and he is not nearly a gym-rat. Even weekends and holidays are not exempt from his routine. He eats a lot of junk, sleeps in till noon on Sundays, indulges constantly in spur of the moment liaisons with random women - not exactly an embodiment of a wholesome lifestyle.

K will run ten miles in Indian summer with her running buddy and hit an ice-cream parlor upon the aftermath making sure calories burnt equal calories gained. I ask her "Why ?" and she says it eases the guilt of binging on whipped cream and worse. Remaining forever size two is possibly her life's whole purpose.

With the gym-types one hears the words will, control, endurance, moderation, discipline, sin and guilt once too often. Words more often associated with orthodox and doctrinaire religions as a writer in The Economist points out.

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