Sunday, July 03, 2005

Out Of Earworm Hell

For the better part of two years now, I had an earworm stuck in my head. It lodged itself while I was sitting in N's living room chatting with her and her Mom over a cup of Chai. They had Zee-TV playing on the box that we were not mindful of for the most part. N's toddler G was watched the colorful moving images with intermittent interest as he ran amuck the living room with his many toys.

All at once a young male voice caught my attention. It was an ad for an upcoming music show. He was one of the contestants. One bar of the song and he was off air. The tune stuck but I had not paid attention to the lyrics. Needless to say his voice was terrific - obviously a rising star in the musical firmament. Over the next few days that I was at N's, the same ad spot came up several times and each time, the tune worked deeper into me. I managed to catch three words of the lyrics but wasn't sure I had heard right.

Each time, I told myself I should check with N or her mom, they would likely know what song it was. Each time something distracted my attention from that thought.

I left N's place to restart my life alone in America. The challenges were so numerous that a stray earworm did not merit much attention. Every once in a while I would Google the three words that I thought that I had heard but it did not yield much.

I did call N many months later to check if she knew and she wasn't even able to recollect what contest or show I was talking about. I had resigned myself to living with my worm for as long as it took for oblivion to overcome it. There was more than a tinge of regret.


My relationship with M lasted all of four weeks. The pace was fast and furious and the end came quite suddenly and with a whimper. About week two, he gave me access to his paid e-music account. I thought was a very nice gesture. I did a key word search on my earworm lyrics as I had heard it.

I found the song ! I can't and don't want to believe that M came to my life two years after that stuck sound-byte with the express purpose of delivering me from earworm hell and just that. In the complex cause effect continuum for our lives such amazing coincidences abound. Makes me wonder if the four week roller-coaster was not too much to go through for getting a tune out of my head. Maybe it all evens out in the end.

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