Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pod Culture

I am not the proud owner of an iPod and will likely never be. By the time my four year old comes of age there will be something cooler, hipper, hotter around and she will want that instead. In the meanwhile, I am a bemused onlooker marveling at all things than the Pod can be, do and spawn - including a sub-generic culture and accoutrements such as a muff dock. Has the Pod been infused with life lately ? If so the Pod-shrink may not too far behind. Quoting from a nice essay on what the iPod stands for

"But there's more to the iPod than a personal statement. It contains my entire musical collection, a life's worth of memories, opportunities, juxtapositions and discoveries. Its epic storage capacity feels almost archival, like a tiny library of Alexandria, automatically organized and with optional belt clip.

I envision archeologists, thousands of years and many great wars from now, unearthing my corpse to find, to their great amazement, my still intact iPod clutched in a desiccated paw like some musical Rosetta stone. Perhaps my music could serve to lend these scientists some empathy, even some understanding of the madness of our times. Or would the shuffle play function reveal some horrible destructive farting noise?"

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