Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Potter Mania

As Harry Potter mania gathers momentum, I can't help thinking what J is missing because she's too young to know or understand. The separation between magic and reality does not exist for J quite yet. Maybe her time will be right with the next book in the series. While I am not queuing up at the bookstore on the night of the 15th to get hold of a copy, it won't be too long before I read. I showed J the official JK Rowlings website and she seemed quite fascinated by all the bells and whistles in it. Children of J's generation segue from the on-line to the off-line world effortlessly and accept variety and diversity in both as natural.

While a lot has been said on the subject of Potter-mania, one nerd's point of view is interesting to anyone in the technology business. He says "Much of the Harry Potter books' charm comes from the quirky magic objects that surround Harry and his friends. Rather than being solid and static, these objects embody initiative and activity. This is precisely the shift we'll experience as computational power moves beyond the desktop into everyday objects."

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