Friday, July 01, 2005

Slinging Ideas

For ideas that never acquire wings because the people that think them up don't follow through, sharing it with the world is a chance to see some results.

Using LEDs in jewelry first occurred to me over ten years ago as I am sure it has to many others at different points in time but only a couple of people seem to have taken a shot at actually creating it.

Equally fascinating is the concept of a woman's shoe with interchangeable heels. This is something most women will welcome and appreciate even if advantages of wearing ready-to-buddy interactive skirts does not make quite as much sense to them.

The small inconveniences of the common person (be it not being able to afford diamonds and craving for a bright sparkle, suffering varicose veins from constantly teetering on stilettos or needing a comforting hug from a loved one when they are not near you) spawn rather interesting ideas. Someone with subject matter expertise can infuse them with life. The web brings the two together opening up an infinity of exciting possibilities.

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