Wednesday, August 24, 2005

End Of An Affair

I have for the last few days been dealing with an offshore vendor's low end, communication challenged resource symptomatic of the end of contract.

It's quite a bit like the end of an affair. Both parties are disenchanted, one is significantly more disillusioned than the other. We are either bringing in another vendor to support the system or having in-house operations support handle it.

It is like moving on from one relationship to another but gradual fade out is difficult for all parties concerned. A clean break would have been easier but we have a contractual obligation to wait it out, manage the pain of transition.

The new relationship is not as exciting as it might have otherwise been. They are painfully aware of the baggage this relationship brings. They know about the fickleness of our affections and loyalties.

Thinking of the parallels between vendor management, sourcing and relationships is an amusing diversion as I endure the torture of having to work through the transition, pulling teeth all around.

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