Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Grassroots Media

Ourmedia seems to be the Wikipedia of media. The challenge may be to get the word out and keep the volume of content manageable. If everyone were to turn into suppliers who would consume the surfiet of produce ?

The underlying assumption seems that consumer empowerment necessitates turning them into suppliers. Whatever happened to the value of an informed and discerning consumer ? There is a glut for the same reason in the world of creative writing. More people than ever are writing today yet not as many voices are even faintly audible. We would not be leaving our grandchildren with the "collected works" of any of these writers because there won't be any. Their oeuvre will likely end with a solitary flash in the pan.

There is such a thing as glut of content because the appetite of the consumer is not inexhaustible. Channel surfing is not so different from skimming RSS aggregated feeds on everything under the sun that interests the reader. Our horizons are expanding at an amazing pace but we are traveling too fast to enjoy the view, absorb what we see or learn anything of enduring value.

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