Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rationed Swearing

Concessions to modern times come in curious ways such as allowing five F words per lesson. Doing the math per lesson per class per month makes for a rather dense cloud of F words around the school. Made me think like we would have thought in our high school days - the class would have notched up it's daily quota of Fs like our lives depended on it. I am sure present day kids would not any different.

Where are the
Neantherdal educators who will instead hand out gift certificates to students who use five obscure words a day in regular conversation for a month or come up with the most elegant solution to a math problem or write poetry that gets published in a well known literary magazine?

In our day, we would have risen to the bait same as the F word quota - these kids would too I am sure. If only someone tried.

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