Monday, September 26, 2005

Flickr Streams

In the real world we don't ask strangers "Show me what's in your bag" or sneak a peek into their fridges. In the online world it is cool enough to blog images of both, comment and tag. The inside of a bag or fridge could be revealing of much about the person - surprises included.

When you see someone's bag populated with much the same things as yours, you could have stumbled upon a kindred spirit. You have to wonder if you could have more in common than what you carry in your bags.

To the extent that "You are what you eat" the contents of a fridge speak for the person that you are.

A community could come together for having just about anything in common - there could be bag, shoe closet, laundry hamper friendships - the scope is infinite as is the possibility of making connections with like-minded individuals.

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