Sunday, September 25, 2005


Not being a gamer myself for lack of both inclination and aptitude, I have always been fascinated by those have a lot of both.

For a few months soon after graduating from engineering school I worked for a team of game developers as a tester. Towards the end of the assignment I was elevated to the rank of a junior programmer. The lead on the project was an absolute whiz and also anal retentive.

He would go through my code with a fine toothed comb, expressing shock and disbelief at my appalling programming skills. The little fun I had as a game tester was now replaced by endless re-writes of a few hundred lines of code until "He" deemed it integration worthy. While, I learnt valuable lessons in programming style and practice, I was completely weaned off gaming.

Reading about the how computer gaming could do everything from meeting our emotional needs to spreading democracy makes me wonder if I am not missing out on something quite fabulous.

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skrybblz said...

hello crossings..

this is rain. yeah i dont understand the fascination for gaming either, but i am curious about exactly what charms it holds for those who do.