Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Musical Genome

With so much music around, discovering a new love can be a shot in the dark. Most of my favorites go back ten years or more. Time and great music are clearly passing me by.

Sometimes, a hummable something turns up on FM on the way to work but the impression is not deep enough to linger or turn into an earworm. Then I discovered Pandora - the music genome project. I tried out with two random songs that came to mind.

Love Is All Around Me by Wet Wet Wet did not discover anything that I feel even remotely excited about. 99 Miles From LA by Art Garfunkel introduced
me to Tony Orlando and I liked him.

I realize both songs I chose are replete with memories that make them special. There really is no genome to be isolated or analyzed.

Pandora is a beautiful idea and a great way to make exciting new friends though true love may be harder to come by.As in real life so in music. Then there is Aurgasm - the beautiful, undiscovered music that if loved will love you back.

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buckwaasur said...

awesome...reminds me of a recent mosaic i came was the face of marilyn monroe made from hundreds of smaller pictures...this seems to be some kind of new art-form that is becoming popular...very impressive...