Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Smartie Skirts

When told to tie her shoe-laces J will protest plaintively "I can't. I am only a tiny little four year old" However, when she wants to put on my lipstick she will say "I am big girl now. So I can wear listhick too"

Tired of her big or little as convenient (to her and not me) tricks, I called her Miss Smartie Pants this morning. She said in an offended tone. "I'm not Smartie Pants. I'm Smartie Skirts".

Had she been older she may have bristled against the gender bias and opted for something neutral like a Jacket or Coat.

I find consolation in that raising J while tough is not totally devoid of amusement. The sum total of smiles she brings to my face outweigh all the petty frustrations.

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