Sunday, October 16, 2005

Between Boondocked And Bangalored

My friend A, has an MBA from a decent Indian business school, worked in string of Fortune 100 companies until one day he decided on a career change. Given his line of work, he could get easily outsourced and has been in the past. He reasoned therefore that he needed to get into a profession that was geographically bound and therefore cannot be globally traded.

A is now a trained and licensed heavy equipment operator and works in an oil rig in Alberta. The money he makes overtime and all is equal or more than what he made on his desk job as a business analyst. He feels comforted knowing that he cannot be Bangalored anytime soon. Last we spoke, he sounded excited about his life changing decision despite the nine hour drive into "real" civilization.

There is a little problem though. A is looking to date and mate. Given the nature of his work and his physical location the chances of meeting up anyone are negligible. He is therefore online. Most Indian girls of his social milieu cannot comprehend how an MBA could descend from a white collar to a blue collar job. As a business analyst he was infinitely marriageable but not anymore. He wonders
why women are more interested in what he does than who he is.

The trade-off between job security and eligibility in the marriage market has been a somewhat a disappointment given that his need to have a steady income and a secure job is a function of wanting to have family to support.

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