Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blocked Reader

Non paying readers are now blocked out at NYT's Times Select. For years we have been faithful readers but loyalty alone does not make you welcome anymore. I miss my Sunday morning fix of the Op-ed. As much as I am dying to know Maureen Dowd's take on the President's women, I am not convinced that subscribing to NYT is the best way.

There are many other popular publications that are of interest and similarly behind a payment wall. There is scope for aggregation with the ability for individuals to select a combination that works for them. A model similar to buying music online - you pay only for the songs that you care about and not entire albums.

Isn't it as much columnist's loss that they will now be read by a small fraction of their readership ? Their loss will likely be a blogger's gain - someone equally astute and willing to provide intelligent commentary for free.

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