Monday, October 03, 2005

Collaborating On Verbiage

I could really use the Writeboard. I am nearing the twilight zone of the technical track of my career. Have been there for ten years now, learnt mostly from observation and less from application. Back in the day I was excited to apply now I couldn't care less about the latest killer-app.

That said, I am finding it harder to get the words just right when I report out to management. They don't want to be dragged through the weeds and yet need to know the key specifics.

I always have someone technical proof read what I write. Depending on the problem at hand techies of various persuasion may be required until I get the verbiage straight. A couple of business analysts could get in the mix pretty quickly.

It's a lot of everyone's time wasted. If I could post my draft out there and invite a bunch of folks to review it. I would be done a lot faster and a lot better. Maybe we will all learn a few things along the way.

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