Friday, October 21, 2005

Disposable Dolly

J has had a doll she named "Junie" for over a year now. The doll is of indeterminate sex and I have to watch my step before I refer to Junie as he or she, because J will almost always disagree and chide me for making a mistake so fundamental. I cannot refer to Junie as a doll because J will point out "Junie is a person, not a doll"

The USP of this doll was in that it would cry "Mamma, Mamma" and when presented with a bottle of milk that came with it, the crying would stop. J's mothering of Junie has ranged from solicitous to lackadaisical depending on what else is on her horizon. For the most part Junie is dressed appropriate for the season and lies in her crib next to J's bed. I have often wondered if J's treatment of Junie is a reflection of my mothering.

Recently, the battery that made Junie cry died. The way the doll is designed, the battery cannot be replaced. Now, J is someone who is always in a rush to put things into trash. I have recently lost an old silver spoon thanks to her over-zealous clean-up efforts. She asked me why Junie did not call her "Mamma" any more and I explained to her.

I asked her if she still wanted Junie. J said "It does not matter. She is my baby and I love her" Lately when Junie's internal circuitry croaks and splutters J will hand her to me saying "Junie wants to be with Grandma" and will take her back once she falls silent. It feels nice to know that the use and throw culture she is growing up in has not permeated objects of love even if they are inanimate and designed by adults to be disposable. Junie is here to stay and I am only too glad for that.

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