Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dream Vending Machine

I am rarely near a vending machine - the choices leave me with a feeling of scarcity amidst plenty. The rare occasions that I have had a snack attack I have studied my choices for several minutes and left empty-handed and hungrier. The pizza vending machine seems like a good deal to me. My wish list would include a variety of vegetable toppings, whole wheat pizza base and of course low fat cheese. It could then be an indulgence without the guilt.

If the machine could vend paninis and gyro sandwiches it would not hurt at all. A cream cheese Danish or a baklava for dessert should not be hard. That's the thing with easy availability - one starts with the best intent and ends up being needlessly decadent. On second thoughts, I probably like the current vending machine technology - it keeps me from harm and gratuitous calories.

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