Sunday, October 02, 2005

Godless Societies

Not a big fan or organized religion or religious rituals myself, I squirm in the presence of orthodox religionists of any stripe. Sometimes, I have felt irrational fear as well. A Times article on religious states and dysfunctional societies provides the rationale for my fears.

Maybe I am spiritually challenged, but a simple prayer I learnt while in kindergarten has been good enough for me. Around the same time I was taught to work hard, to be grateful for all that I have and to be a good human being. I have in time learnt to be grateful for all that I do not have as well and that being good does not have to equal being a doormat. Never have I doubted the virtues of hard work.

There is a simplicity about my primitive world view that I am reluctant to trade for more sophisticated philosophical discourse - it would be an overkill for me.

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