Monday, October 10, 2005

Two Questions

J's current fascination is around two questions "What is X made of ?" and "What does X come from ?" where X could be a carton of milk, a bag of candy, Mommy, her friend, a house, a tree, broccoli, her hand, the rain - it is not exactly a finite universe.

What is broccoli made of ?I haven't the least idea. It is not something I have ever thought of I guess. However, since J has and there shall be no peace in the household until I get her some semblance of an answer, I Google the question. Nothing turns up that will satisfy J. I tell her about the nutrients in broccoli and why it's good for her. She has a whole host of questions about those facts now. Again I am stumped.

J's line of questioning will change based on my response and will typically drill down to more detail. I always start off saying "Mommy does not know, but she will try to find out". I find myself reading up about things that did not interest or concern me until J made it her life's primary concern.

Recently she wanted to know about what is inside her body. This one was relatively simpler. Looking around, I found a decent site with animation and narration. J is fascinated - she can't have enough of it.

With her very basic and fundamental questions, J makes me feel like a totally incompetent idiot. I realize that I know nothing about anything under the sun - not even the basic two things - what it is constituted of and where it originates from.


Priyamvada_K said...

Hi HC,
J is a cutie indeed. Here's one for you:

Q: What do gnats eat?
A: fungi

Recently asked by my kid at a park. I had to google for that. Thought that may be useful :)


Heartcrossings said...

Hey Priya,

Thanks for the heads-up on gnat-food. I am sure there are many challenges ahead for me. J is in the questioning mode like she's never been before :)