Monday, October 31, 2005

Uber Premium

Reading about uber-premium makes me think of certain interesting niches. Consider for instance that a villager in the Indus Valley region comes upon some ancient seeds of cotton from the time of the Harappan civilization. That she germinates them and harvests cotton. That yarn is spun by hand, dyed using rare Himalayan flowers and woven in handloom and the fabric is sewn entirely by hand -embellished only by a dozen natural pearl buttons.

Now that could easily cost an arm and leg and by the most exacting standards qualify to be uber-premium. I also think about the long string of brokers who would come between the first flush of an idea and the finished product itself. About how the actual makers of uber-premium consumables would remain uber-penurious - unable to afford anything more exclusive than cheap synthetic hand-me-downs from better-heeled city dwellers.

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