Sunday, October 23, 2005

Well Reasoned Endings

Quite a few people in my acquaintance are amicably divorced and keep in touch with the ex's extended family and friends. I have to agree among others things it makes good business sense. There are obviously practical benefits in not taking things to a bitter, expensive and ugly end just because two people cannot remain married.

The lessons learnt from mistakes of the older generation are invaluable too - something that people of my social and cultural milieu are largely bereft of. Divorces were almost unknown in our parents' generation - we have no role models positive or negative to base our decisions on. I am always impressed by a divorced couple that remains good friends and yet have completely independent lives.

The children continue to have the approximate cocoon of what their real home would have been. Two people who were once in love would not regret the wasted years quite as much if there was atleast friendship left. Everyone wins a little.

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