Monday, November 21, 2005

Flying Spaghetti Scare

J doodles all the time and is partial towards bright colors like many kids. Many masterpieces adorn the fridge door, some have been scanned and posted online for the edification of the grandparents.

Lately my little Claude Monet has been scribbling on something that looks ominously close to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

At first I did not pay too much attention but the frequency of its appearance on scraps of paper around our household made me take a second look and ask a few questions.

I was very close to accosting Miss A at her daycare to see if she was on a covert proselytizing mission for the FSM church. I figured being in full possession of the facts would be in order before any such step.

"J, what is it you are drawing ?" I asked her casually one morning as she was churning out yet another of those FSMs on construction paper.

"It is a dump truck" she claimed.

"Really ? It does not look like a dump truck at all." I protested. Now, J is not the one to call a spade a spade when it comes to art. The abstract can be interpreted variously. A kitty cat can become a tree with a rainbow on top very quickly. But to see a dump truck in this noodly thing was clearly pushing the envelope.

"Now it does" she said with some determination as she drew four hasty circles at the end of the appendages of the FSM.

"I never saw a dump truck like that in my life" I insisted with some indignation.

"I'm pretending it's a dump truck" J said admiring her art work from what seemed like an aesthetic distance.

"What are these things ?" I pointed to the many tentacles that emanated from the central figure

"Those are hands reaching for the sun" she says solemnly.

I know by now that it will be futile to enquire how a dump truck came upon hands and why they should be reaching for the sun (interesting turn of phrase in the context of my earlier suspicions)

I don't believe I have the skinny of the FSM look-alike that J is doodling these days. Whatever it is, I hope she is on to something new soon. I don't have a good feeling about this one at all.


Reshmi said...

heyy... this brings back some long forgotten memory from my childhood!
i used to scribble something very similar to the FSM for a while before i started school.
but much to my parents frustration since it was all displayed on the walls of our rented home! :)))

altho i am happy my mom never asked me what it was! i am dead sure i had no explanation :P :))

bleu said...

just dropped by to say hi. Nice blog. You are pushing her imagination with your questions. ;)

Heartcrossings said...

Hey Bleu! Long time no see. Thanks for stopping by.