Thursday, November 17, 2005

Publicly Truthful

Miss Manners' column on cellphone etiquette or the lack of it makes an interesting observation. When people report out on their whereabouts and activities from a public place they don't lie. I wonder if the presence of strangers who can hear what is being said makes it difficult to do so.

Some questions come to mind reading this. Would the same truthfulness apply to remarks that the public would have no way of verifying - for instance what someone did for a living, where they were last night, why they did not call back when they were supposed and so forth ? Would privacy make it tempting to lie ?

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The Typette said...

Yes, privacy makes it 'more' tempting to lie. If i were going to lie, I rather do it alone, than have ppl around to make faces at me etc... All the worse to have someone you know be standing around to witness it. Sad but true. Honesty is the best policy, too bad no one follows it.