Thursday, November 24, 2005

Things Remembered

It must be providence that I should run into a gizmo called the stress eraser while thinking about a friend who is stressed and stretched to the point of bursting. Her Thanksgiving would have been quite unlike mine. She is visiting her father who is nearing death in a hospital. This may well be the last holiday they spend together.

J made a ginger bread house and cookies with my friend C yesterday. She is the mother of a feisty teen and loves J for being "the perfect age to spoil". We had an amazing Jamaican dinner at R and L's later in the evening. I missed home, friends who were away, friends I spent Thanksgiving with last year, the marriage of a favorite cousin, all of the Indian festivals I have missed this year and not even noticed and the year that has flitted by too soon.

Days like this are random spikes of exuberance in monotone of everyday. They add to the sum total of my happiness long after their memories have faded.

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