Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Barbie Butchers

Until reading this article in Forbes on Barbie mutilation by young girls I had no idea Barbie owners had so much pent up resentment. The article cites different reasons why little girls might wreck havoc on her but surprisingly does not consider anger.

Is it possible the prepubescent girls hate her for all that she represents - the ideal of impossible physical perfection ? Parents are exhorted not be alarmed and treat such behavior as a normal part of growing up.

"Whilst for an adult the delight the child felt in breaking, mutilating and torturing their dolls is deeply disturbing, from the child's point of view they were simply being imaginative in disposing of an excessive commodity in the same way as one might crush cans for recycling,"

If J was busy micro-waving body parts of her favorite doll, that argument would be a hard sell to me. I would be very very concerned for my child's mental health. Counted my blessings that J is uninterested in Barbie and her ilk.

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