Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Car Thoughts

Sounds like a great first step - self-healing paints for cars. If technology could likewise heal dents and at least diagnose mechanical problems , auto repair scam artists would go out of business. It does not seem far fetched idea if the state of the art allows cars to predict when they will breakdown

Right now I'd be very happy if I could do something to my car that would cause snow to either slide off it or melt upon contact. How hard can that be ? Maybe I should call in one Saturday morning when CarTalk is on with that question - I think I have heard far stranger questions asked and answered.

Talking of cars reminds me of a former colleague who on first meeting me told me that he owned an Acura and was now in the market for an Audi. He added that he planned on keeping the Acura lest I misconstrued.

Why a man would share this with a perfect stranger within an hour of meeting her has long puzzled me. For the year that we worked together he continued to be "in the market for an Audi" without making a purchase.
The fine folks at CarTalk may not know the answer to this one I think.


bleu said...

geek stuff: Apparently women who shave their armpits and use deperspirants are likely to contract breast cancer. says Doctors in U Chicago. It is suspected tat this has to do with Aluminium compounds that have active aluminum content in them.

you might be interested in this.

Heartcrossings said...

bleu - I never pay too much attention to medical research. It changes like the weather :) Thanks for stopping by.