Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cutting Corners

I picked a paperback edition of Cheaper By The Dozen years ago that someone had thrown in the trash and was impressed by the extraordinary time management and operational efficiency tips and tricks in it.

When I read the book J was not around so I did not know what it was to constantly race against time. I should probably read that book again. In the interim, this nifty decanter with two spouts would cut down our daily breakfast ordeal by a good one minute and that counts on weekday mornings.

The next thing I need to find is a device that will let J sing her favorite song uninterrupted even as she eats. As much as I love to hear J sing, her timing leaves much to be desired.

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Teri said...

A book in the trash? And a good one no less. AGHHHH! How wonderful that you gave it a new home, and yes, it's probably a good time for a new read...a new perspective. I did this recently with "To Kill a Mockingbird." I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Here's to your good timing!

Ciao, Teri