Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Life And Death Lessons

J knows about death but does not understand it yet. She has questions. I am struggling with how to convey a simple message that is consistent with my religious beliefs. It is easier said than done. When she asks me "Will I see my grandparents again ?" I wonder if she is making a connection between old age and death. I tell her that they have many years left to live and will meet her several times. I don't mention death and she does not ask in specific.

Then there are amusing statements like "When bad people die they go up to the hill". I correct her and tell her it's hell and not hill. She insists on calling it hill presumably because she knows what it is. She adds "God puts bad people in the dumpster and then takes them to the hill"

Clearly her friends are educating her about God, heaven and hell and J is putting her own spin on it. I ask her what happens to the good people. J says "God takes them to live in his house" This sounds a lot better than dragging a dumpster up the hill.

I have been looking around for simple lessons to teach her about life, death, morals and the like. Maybe I should include scientific evidence of immortality as well.

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