Sunday, December 04, 2005

Quick Home

In a dinner table conversation recently a bunch of us were discussing dream houses. The majority were home owners already and fairly satisfied with what they had - typically suburban McMansions. The ones who were yet to buy wanted something new and big in the suburbs.

When I said I'd love an old fashioned cottage with a big yard and koi pond, there were indulgent smiles all around. I am hardly alone in my aversion for lifeless ostentation and
love for old homes, but I am sure my well meaning friends would advise me against it if I ever tried to buy one of those charming things.
Though I understand zilch about real-estate, I seem to be on the right track in wanting to buy myself a tiny little cottage in an upscale neigborhood - even when the same money could buy me a monstrosity of a home in the exurbia.

Who knows, my yen for simplicity may lead me to buy a push-button home and place it upon a clearing in the woods. While the literal home may still be within reach the figurative one seems impossibly distant. The cocoon of an old cottage may not be able to give the heart what is longing for and missing.

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Teri said...

Follow your instincts. We may not have the three-car-garage my husband wanted, nor the big bonus room, but we have a large, very quaint home that is filled with ecclectic charm. It is my haven and I would not trade it for all the push-button conveniences nor any of the thousands of faux tuscany villas around.

By the way...all of our friends with said conveniences and faux italy curb appeal always want to come to our home...where they feel so warm, welcome and happy.

Just some food for thought...


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