Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Decoupage For Bills

If you have passion around anything including breakfast cereal, you could have a site devoted it, find a band of adherents and sell them merchandize emblazoned with your "religion". Endorsements could follow with luck or translate into an online business - not everyone would think of getting into gourmet rare salts for a living.

Sometimes when the job that pays my bills gets overwhelming, I wonder if any of my favorite things to do could translate into anything remunerative. For instance, I used all of J's 2005 "works of art" to
decoupage a small cardboard box for my incoming mail. The project took me over an hour to complete and left me feeling exhilarated.

Mixed media collage to create gifts and memorabilia is what I've done for ever - but I'd likely fail on most of ten counts on a
venture capitalist wishlist if I thought to take the show on the road.

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