Monday, January 09, 2006

Faded Glory

My mother has a pearl ring that I coveted since I was a child. Any time she opened her jewelry box, I would try it on. Strangely from being too big for me, it suddenly grew too small - my mother is really petite. The transition happened sometime in my early teens. Around the same time I found out about the cruelty involved in creating pearls. It was a happy coincidence in a way.

I once loved the sparkle of a diamond ring that I wore but not anymore. Maybe I am disillusioned with all that it stands for . Turns out that there are
ten good reasons not to care for them anyways.

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Priyamvada_K said...

Good. All the more reason to wear cubic zirconia. I don't own diamonds, and didn't really aspire to own one, except out of curiosity. Now you've given me good reasons not to want one.