Thursday, January 19, 2006

Long Term Views

It's interesting how from the same vantage point, long term views can vary by a wide margin.

There are those who are engaging in
bidding wars over Chinese nannies so their offspring can have the Mandarin advantage - the expected lingua franca of global business of their time.

And there is the man who said
no to Wal-Mart because he did not evision a golden future for this high end product if its manufacturing was outsourced to cut corners and costs. He refused to succumb to pressure from the Goliath.

Jim Wier says of himself "
I could go to my grave, and my tombstone could say, 'Here lies the dumbest CEO ever to live. He chose not to sell to Wal-Mart.' " Most certainly he is not the kind of "global CEO" (presumably also fighting over the Chinese nanny for their toddler) who would seek latitude in ethical standards to do business with China Inc.

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