Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Superior Life

Never knew that spoons disappeared for a good reason. I had always attributed it to my carelessness. Reading this makes me crave the spoonoid good life because its got to be better than what we've got going out here.

Sometimes the daily grind feels equivalent to being a spoon shuffled between kitchen drawer, dinner plate and dishwasher. Not much of a life any way you look at it.

"We propose a somewhat more speculative theory (with apologies to Douglas Adams and Veet Voojagig). Somewhere in the cosmos, along with all the planets inhabited by humanoids, reptiloids, walking treeoids, and superintelligent shades of the colour blue, a planet is entirely given over to spoon life-forms. Unattended spoons make their way to this planet, slipping away through space to a world where they enjoy a uniquely spoonoid lifestyle, responding to highly spoon oriented stimuli, and generally leading the spoon equivalent of the good life.4"


Priyamvada_K said...

LOL@spoon life. Maybe disappearing socks have a life somewhere too?


Heartcrossings said...

Hey Priya,

Long time. I have no doubt that there is a planet of the "resurfaced" socks :)