Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ring Toned Isolation

Now that ringtones are a legititmate branch of pop music, audtions and awards should not be far behind. This would be the elevator speech of music. Fifteen to thirty seconds to make your mark. Everyone gets a shot at being a composer and airing their work - quite a bit like how blogging gives anyone a chance to write and perhaps be read.

While technology makes such egalitarianism possible, it dilutes the pool of consumers for the vast pool of produce that it results in. In an infinitely connected world, we increasingly form our little electronic cocoons announced perhaps by a self-composed ringtone. Instead of that brief instance of bonding with a perfect stranger whose phone plays Chanson Boheme by Bizet to announce calls just like our own phone does, no connection will happen at all . It would not be such a big loss except for the theme of isolation that underscores this and much more .

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