Friday, March 10, 2006

Craft Capital

A while ago, I had bemoaned that crafts and hobbies do not alas the bills pay. I spoke too soon and now stand corrected. There is a thriving market for it - if the site's appearance is any indicator. It seems like just the tag "hand-made" comes with a steep price tag.

Consider for instance this very ordinary looking "handcut" paper flower embellished with "hand-sewn" beads is worth four dollars plus shipping. Now that's some serious return on investment.

Some of the stuff that the kids in J's daycare turn out can be quickly transformed into even more pricey "child hand-painted" and "child handcut" cards and more. I am going to be more scrupulous about preserving J's endless stream of "art work". The fees to set up shop seem very reasonable but who knows what the fine print might be hiding. With a little help from J, I could be in the business of making money and not art very soon.

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