Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Created Home

An uncle recently bought a home in India after spending four decades in the US. They intend to move back for good within a couple of years. He and is wife have an extensive friend circle and are very social people. They figure spending their old age in India will be more comforting. The relatives back home view the decision with puzzlement and concern. Can they catch up from where they left forty years ago ? Why would they not want to stay in the country they have lived so long - where their kids are ? Wouldn't they miss familiar faces and surroundings ?

Maybe if the Indian community in America had something like Nikkei Concerns,(
In the early 1970's, aging Issei (first generation Japanese Americans) had nowhere to go to receive culturally sensitive nursing care. In response to this need, seven Nisei (second generation) mobilized the Japanese community to develop a nursing home to meet the cultural, social, language and dietary needs of elderly Nikkei.) their longing for roots would have been satisfied even without actually returning home.

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