Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Suddenly Bollywood

With Indian call centers becoming a fun and attractive short term destination for young Europeans, Bollywood agents trolling around for Western extras may find their job turning easier. Thinking gora, call center and Bollywood starlet in the same breath brings my co-worker Molly to mind. Since she is single, brunette, dances, loves Bollywood musicals, drools over 22 carat gold jewelry and wants to own googobs of them. She is waiting for her desi best friend to get married so she can go shopping in Delhi.

With her background, landing a call center job would be simple enough. Then if she's at the right place at the right time a Bollywood agent could have her star in a music video for $5000 for a couple of weeks of work. With disposable income like that she would be able to splurge on gold, clothes and shoes without guilt. Next time she rants about how management in its infinite stupidity is readying to outsource her job, I have to paint her this pretty picture.

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