Monday, July 03, 2006

A Piece Of Work

J has learnt a lot of objectionable things from other kids at daycare. Since I have no control over the elements she is exposed to, I have decided it best to allow her to bring everything home and demonstrate to me what she knows. There is no censure or reprimand.

The rules of engagement are Mommy will decide if something is good or bad. If it is good she can take it outside home, but if it is not but J still wants to say or do it she has to keep it home until she gets over it.

The latest entrant into her repertoire is a particularly crass booty shake. J knows she can shake her booty all she wants at home in front of Mommy but this show does not go on the road. She has been quite happy with that arrangement and is slowly weaning out of it too. However, there was some residual and lingering discontent as I found out this morning.

"Guess what Mommy" says J excitedly while eating her breakfast. I know from experience this is one of the J-epiphany moments. She has just figured something out.

"There was one place where I could shake my booty all the time and even Mommy could not see me" she announces proudly.

"Where could you do that ?" I asked.

" When I was really teeny-weeny and lived inside your tummy, I shook my booty all day long and even you could not see me" she says very proud of herself.

Being that she had been working on her small breakfast for close to an hour without any significant progress I was too frustrated to appreciate the ingenuity of this discovery.

"At the going rate J, you'll be so skinny that you won't have any booty left to shake anyways" I said.

"Would my booty disappear if I did not eat well ?" she asks me, her eyes wide open in concern.

"Exactly. So stop talking and starting eating" I replied testily. We got done with breakfast shortly thereafter.

I was out to lunch with my friend D this afternoon and told her about this incident. She burst out laughing and said "That J of yours is a piece of work" I could not agree more.


Priyamvada_K said...

So true about J being a piece of work. It was amusing to picture her at the breakfast table with her aha! moment....and your reaction, so typical of a rushed mom, was something I could relate to also.

Oftentimes, I wonder if I'm too rushed to appreciate the things my kid does. One day I went to dinner with a friend and her three children. I sat next to her youngest who would soon turn 6.

I found myself laughing and enjoying the things he said - and suddenly remembered how impatient I was with Kamala when she was that age. Felt an instant twinge of regret...and wondered how many cute moments I must have rushed through.


Heartcrossings said...

Not long after this incident J told me "I wish I could go back into your tummy" and I asked "Do you think you'll fit in ?" to which she said "You could grow really big and tall then I would fit" I must have underestimated her passion for the booty shake :)